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Patience and clarity

In my journey at the Aurovalley ashram, in Rishikesh 🇮🇳, everyday we would gathered around a swami (a knowledgeable yogi) to listen to his words in order to obtain knowledge about life and our purpose in it.

Once, Swamiji Brahmadev mentioned :

All life moves. If something is motionless, then it’s lifeless.

That way we cannot expect our minds to be completely still. Because in essence that is not its purpose. Rather, we should give direction to our minds and then witness our actions taking life forward on a desirable, happy and joyful way.

But first we must learn to cultivate patience towards ourselves. To be patient but continuously moving.

Contemplating nature is a way to acknowledge the need of time for things to happen. There's time to plant, grow, flourish and then mature. The sense of urgency limits us to enjoy time. So that said, we are bringing distress into our lives when we try to impose our timing, instead of trusting the natural process.

Everything we need is already within us. Be patient and let clarity come. When so, then take the next step forward.

Jai Siya Ram 🧘 All life is yoga

💜 Om Shanti


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