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Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Doing my best doesn't mean doing everything.

I know I am limited and that makes me brave, never weak. I don't NEED to be something. I am what I am. I'm not everything, I'm exactly what I need.

I am enough.


Yes, I believe reading something inspiring in the morning can impact on the way we to see things throughout the day. Every input from the outside world that I take into my world will make a difference inwards. It is my choice to what I let in everyday✨

Therefore today choose to be kind to myself. Being aware of my limitations will make me stronger and braver, therefore I will enjoy being who I am, exactly like I am.

Today, as usual, I will face life with dignity and hard work. Accepting the challenges and acknowledging that I have all the tools needed to overcome them.

Harih Om 💜

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