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Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

What I am sharing today is a very special and popular mantra among yogis in the world because it represents one of the basic foundations of yoga: ahimsa (non-violence). In our next class we will go deeper into the subject to fully understand the aspects of Yamas and Niyamas in our lives.

Kindness, the opposite emotion of violence, is in the same level as love, in terms of energy vibration. When we invite elevated emotions into our minds, our bodies respond to it by decreasing brain activity, lowering our defense mechanism (de-stress) and shoots out lots of feel-good hormones.

How to bring loving-kindness in when chaos is installed in the outside? Chanting 🎶🎶 (mentally is ok, but preferably verbally!)

Chanting is not singing; there's no need of fine tuning or special vocal skills. What matters is the intention of the spoken words (and to try getting the pronunciation the best you can 😉).


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

svasti prajābhyaḥ paripālayantām
nyāyena mārgeṇa mahīṃ mahīśāḥ
go-brāhmaṇebhyah śubham astu nityam
lokāh samastāh sukhino bhavantu

May there be abundance for all.

May leaders wisely protect the earth.

May there always be well-being.

May the entire world be joyful.

Here is video of my Sanskrit teacher, Gurusevananda Das, to help you find your tune.

Haribol 🙌


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