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My love and admiration of the yogi tradition is dated long back. Through the exploration of this vedic world, I've found so many answers that actually help us cope with life's obstacles and emotional challenges. That is why I created this program, to  share them all with you! My hoe if that here you will experience yoga beyond the asanas or the mat. With support and guidance, you will deepen your knowledge of yoga, start a journey of self-inquiry and discover ways to take charge of your own energy, regaing mental focus and the power to make conscious decisions that will lead to towards a peaceful mind and ja oyful heart.

During fall 2023, I will offer you 10 different classes to explore the paths of karma, jnãna, dhyana and bhakti yoga. Classes will take place every sunday, starting Oct. 10, until  Dec. 12. Apart from a 90 minutes class, you will receive studying material, a weekly mind planner and extra exercises to help you maintain a regular practice throughout the entire week.

As part of the program, you will be invited to enjoy spa time after your practice every Sundays. This relaxing time will help absord the information received and fill you up with new energy for the week to come. Consider this program as an incentive for you to start building a routine of weekly self-care (me-time), after all,  we've accomplished so much during the week that we deserve time of our own!

General info:

  • When: Sundays, Oct 10 until Dec 17, at 18h

  • Where: Stenungsbaden Hotel; Stenungsund, Västra Götaland

  • Prices: 295 Kr/class or 1000 Kr/ 4 classes (package includes 3 months app subscription)

  • Special offers:

    • 108Kr for spa access after class

    • 10% discount on all massages (same day as class)

    • 15% discount on yoga mats, props and clothes from Yuman

  • Payments through Swish, credit card, Klarna or Epassi

  • Prior bookings only

Check the program below and feel free to join all classes suitable for you.

you are welcome to book one class only or purchase a package of 4 classes of your choice


8 limbs of Yoga

Get in contact with yogic history by understantings Patanjali's view over the path of yoga. Enjoy a gentle hatha flow for begginners and learn how to practice the "letting go" pranayama.


Strong roots - Yamas and Niyamas

How about starting your yogic journey with a grounded foundation of  knowledge? This class will work with the body in a nice, long restorative practice, while sinking in information about how to treat others and well as how to care for yourself, according to the yogic perspective. Bramahri pranayama and grounding breaths teachniques will also be practiced.


Flowing your energy with Asanas

You mostl likely have been introduced to some yoga postures before and in this class you will explore your body alignment, learn some asanas in sanskrit, understand the purpose of the nadis and functions of our bandhas. After this class I hope you will see asanas beyond body postures!

Kapalabhati, the shining skull pranayama will clear our minds for a vipassana meditation practice afterwards.


Connecting to Prana and Kundalini

After the first 3 encounters, you will find yourself ready to feel your inner power, waiting to be awakened and experienced. This energy can only be accessed by a cleansed and elevated mind state. This way, we devote this session to stillness of the mind (consciousness), including slow and gentle body moves and a nice a self-massage technique called abhyanga.


Pratyahara and soundhealing

Our senses intake infinite impressions from the outside world in every day and we call that experiencing life, at leats the material one! In Yoga we invite to draw those senses inwards, using our capacity to see, hear, smell and taste the inner world that happens inside our minds. This will be an amazing chance to finally take the time to understand your own timing, likes, dislikes and stress triggers. This class will guide you through a Yoga Nidra session using soundhealing instruments to deepen your experience of nurture and relaxation.


Where the mind goes, the energy flows

Focus is the key to drive our mind energy towards our goals, and not get distracted along the way. In this class I will guide you through a warrior flow that will empower your capacity to concentrate and regain the control of your energy. Learn how to cleansen your eyes with Trataka and energyze your body with more elaborate pranayama techniques.


Dissolving the chatty mind

Meditation takes practice and in this class we will learn how to unrevel the paths of high consciousness through dhyana. We will invite our bodies to experience different environment conditions to explore this deep inner portal of connection in sauna and cold bath rituals. This way, all participants must add spa into the package to be part of this session.


Mantra chanting

Every sound carries a powerful energy that dereives from creation. This same power is stored within you; your spoken words can heal, can alter your inner state of energy as well as of that surrounds you. Give it a try and let it out. Learn how to chant simple and powerful mantras while flowing in a sun salutation practice. Allow yourself to this experience of deep mind, body connection through the power of words.


Total energy balance (Chakras)

In this session we will briefly talk about our energy centers (chakras), work on balancing each once of them thorough an amazing guided meditation followed by a full body asana practice and a long deep, relaxing shavasana. 


Seva Yoga

After being priviledged to receive so much information that has been passed on by centuries, from one yogi to another, it is time for us to give something back, to keep spreading this loving-kindness wisdom. I will invite you to engage in a practice karma yoga, putting into action all the self-knowledge obtained in benefit of another being, in a selfless, devoted service way.

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